The Future Is Personal

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I recently happened across this study published by McKinsey last summer, “The Care of One: Hyperpersonalization of Customer Care.”

I’ve spent my entire career in the call center environment and I’ve never read a piece that resonated with me so well…

I was moved to share this study for two reasons:

1) Understanding the immediate need to truly know your customers, knowing them in a way that you can react to them before they know they need you, and

2) Being intentional in the way we, as contact center leaders, will need to invest and be ever-present for our contact center associates.

Since being involved in the healthcare vertical, I’ve seen the gradual, albeit delayed, acceptance of the industry to realize that patients are indeed consumers: they have an opinion about how they are served and will take their “business” elsewhere if they aren’t happy.

Here’s a chance for the healthcare industry to be proactive in addressing the trend, to examine services and find out how we can truly bring that consumer experience and personalized care experience end to end in every patient interaction – the care of one.

– Scott Farmer, CEO, LYP Health Management

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