Care Connect – LYP’s Outbound Patient Access Service

Superior Outbound Patient Access Services for Healthcare Organizations

Retaining existing patients is the most efficient strategy for maintaining the financial health of an organization. The costs and resources for retaining a loyal patient are substantially less than attracting a new one.

LYP’s Care Connect Services keep your patients on track and coming back for more of the health services and screenings they need to stay current on important preventive measures for optimal health and wellness.

LYP stands for “Love Your Patient,” so our job is to make sure it shows! Our mission is to help take tasks off your plate, and improve efficiency, so you can spend more time and energy showing your patients just how much you care about them and their health!

Patients Are

  • Expecting a variety of technological options to communicate, including text and email
  • Referencing patient and customer service reviews, even when referred by a trusted physician
  • Rating customer service and communication as most important, assuming quality care
  • Using multiple websites and reading a minimum of 5 reviews regarding healthcare options before deciding on a course of action
Utilizing LYP’s Patient Access Services allows organizations to focus their in-house staff on higher skillset tasks, where staff can impact patient care more effectively. Staff are able to spend more time on patient care, increasing job satisfaction and reducing burnout.

Keep Patients Healthy and Happy!

Offer a better patient experience with comprehensive patient access and communication services managed for you by the experts at LYP!

Engaged patients feel valued and are more likely to remain loyal patients who return for more health services – stay connected to your patients and grow your revenue while keeping them as healthy and happy as possible.

  • Reach and convert busy patients to schedule screenings or appointments
  • Engage patients of all ages, demographics, communication preferences, and abilities with multi-channel messaging
  • Increase preventive care for optimum health outcomes and favorable patient satisfaction rates
  • Maintain engagement with patients, keeping them informed of seasonal or annual health and breaking health emergencies or updates
  • Reduce missed appointments and keep your schedule more fully booked
  • Improve patient adherence and compliance with their treatment plan – reduce medical errors and reduce negative outcomes caused by miscommunication or non-compliance
  • Increase revenue by growing appointment volume and retaining patients

Care Connect: Customized, Scalable Patient Engagement Solutions

Scalable patient access and care connection management solutions offer the coverage and assistance you need to engage patients with reminders, outreach, and communication regarding upcoming screenings, immunizations, medication refills, follow-up appointments, missed appointments, and more.

Choose all or any combination of the following services:

  • Population Health Communication & Reminders (Wellness, Quality, and Utilization Management)
    • Colonoscopy
    • Mammography
    • A1C
    • Hypertension
  • Appointment Reschedules (reduce missed/cancelled appointments and unfilled openings, etc.)
  • Appointment Reminders (via call, text, and/or email)

Engage More Patients, Improve Patient Retention, and Grow Revenue, Starting Today!

We manage your entire ongoing comprehensive outbound patient access program, or you may enlist our Care Connect services “on demand,” as needed. Our team will customize a program that fits the patient communication needs of your practice and providers. Whether you need ala carte, on-demand services, an entire patient access program, or a hybrid version combining your existing staff with ours, we can provide a right-sized solution tailored to your organization’s unique needs. Are you ready to book more appointments for happier, healthier patients?

Population Health Campaigns Include

    • Colonoscopy
    • Mammography
    • A1C
    • Hypertension
    • Pneumonia
    • Flu
    • COVID
    • AWV
    • Pediatrics
    • Follow-up/7-14 days
    • MyChart
    • Missed Appointments

Care Connect Helps Keep Patients' Health Plans on Track and Their Experience Exceptional

We’re here to help you help your patients.

Learn how LYP Health Management shows your patients how much you care.