Services Overview

Healthcare Solutions that
Ease Provider Burdens and
Improve Patient Experience

Health management services that set a new standard for 1:1 patient communications and practice administrative services.

We are an invisible extension of your in-house staff, working in your workflow to fill gaps in your organization.

24/7/365 Contact Center

  • On Demand
  • Part Time
  • Full Outsourcing
  • “Live” After Hours

Patient Access Services

  • Population Health (Wellness, Quality and
    Utilization Management)
  • Appointment Reschedules
  • Appointment Reminders (call, text and email).

Back Office Services

  • Referrals
  • Prior Authorizations
  • Charge Worksheets
  • Medical Records
  • Indexing
  • Work Queues/Tasking Activities

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Patient Registration
  • Insurance Verification
  • Demographic Entry/Charge Capture
  • Claims Submission
  • Accounts Receivable & Denial
  • Correspondence Follow-up

Your Dedicated Champions at LYP

An Improved Experience for
Everyone Involved

By focusing on first-call resolution, LYP Health Management helps increase satisfaction and
outcomes for patients, providers, hospitals, and healthcare systems.

For Providers

  • Keep office staff focused
    on in-office patients
  • Respond to more
  • Deliver a seamless caller
  • Offer patients 24/7/365
    access to your practice

For Patients

  • Connect with an
    attentive, caring
    associate 24/7/365
  • Respond to more patients
  • Reach helpful live
    associates after hours
  • Receive clear resolutions
    to calls

For Hospitals & Health Systems

  • Staff has more time to
    do the jobs and provide
    the care they are trained
    to provide.
  • Respond to more patients
  • Elevate patient
    experience scores
  • Proactive outreach helps
    patients fulfill test orders
    within your network

Patients Demand a Better Experience

Factors Driving Patients To
Leave Their Provider

Ease of Navigation Includes

  1. Difficult to do business with
  2. Poor front office administrative staff experience
  3. Poor online service and support

Influencers Driving
Patient To Select A Provider

Source: Accenture: Health Experience: The Difference Between Loyalty and Leaving

Solve Your Communications
Challenges with One Solution

LYP Health Management helps you overcome patient communications
hurdles that hold your organization back.

Improve Communication

Secure access to your EMR means we help serve your patients in the same way your front office staff does. Our HIPAA-compliant patient care associates focus on resolving patients’ needs in a single call.

Uphold High Standards for Security and Compliance

We’re in the 99th percentile for security and compliance. LYP is a URAC Certified Contact Center with 1.0 Accreditation. Our patient care associates are fully trained in HIPAA requirements and confidential, secure handling of PHI. All LYP Health Management personnel pass background checks and complete ongoing training.

Conquer Staffing

Our team uses our proven algorithm to help calculate the right staffing levels and call thresholds to meet the goals of your organization. We are trained on nearly every EMR available on the market.

Dependable and

Our experienced patient call associates love what they do. Expanding your teams with our associates enables your organization to scale quickly without compromising quality or facing any downtime.

Let Your Patients Know You Care

Our medical services revolve around creating a better experience for your patients, providers, VIPs and everyone else who contacts your organization. Conversational, personalized attention lets callers know they matter.

Stop Struggling with

Don’t allow your communication software to get in the way of a great patient experience. If your organization has outgrown your current platform or your existing system isn’t living up to your expectations, our healthcare-focused business process experts will offer solutions and guidance to help you select a more effective call center solution.

Exceptional Patient Care Starts with LYP's Patient Care Associates

Meet Our Experienced Patient Care Associates

Get to know the friendly patient call associates who are ready to reflect your organization’s commitment to care during every patient conversation.

We’re here to help you help your patients.

Learn how LYP Health Management shows your patients how much you care.