Back Office Services

Superior Administrative Back Office Services for Healthcare Organizations

Improve profitability and productivity: Free up your staff to focus on patients, while our experts handle your administrative back office tasks!

Is Your Team Inundated with Back Office Work?

Staffing issues and heavy workloads are common challenges for most healthcare organizations today. LYP removes the administrative burden from your staff, allowing them to deliver patient care at their highest skillset.

LYP stands for “Love Your Patient,” and it’s our job to help you show your patients how much you care. Our Administrative Back Office Services give your staff more time to focus on what matters most: your patients!


Focus on Patient Care, Not Paperwork


LYP’s experienced team of healthcare administrative professionals will expertly manage back office tasks to allow your staff more time to focus on your patients.

We coordinate with your existing team as needed to handle fluctuations in volume.

We’ll manage key administrative areas of prior authorizations, referrals, medical records, indexing, tasking activities, and more. When these administrative functions are addressed efficiently and effectively, patient care and satisfaction improves while staff productivity increases.

LYP Health Management’s Back Office Team completes tasks like:

  • Charge Worksheets
  • Fax Management
  • Document Indexing/Importing
  • Medical Records
  • Online Scheduling
  • Prior Authorizations
  • Referrals
  • Release of Information
  • Tasking Activities
  • Work Queues

Grow your organization’s productivity
and profitability with our Administrative
Back Office Services

Drive Increased
Conversion Rates and
Revenue Growth

Verify Accuracy
for Prior

Eliminate Backlog
in Medical Records
and Indexing

Reduce patient

Assist with Information
Releases and Fax

Increase Referral
Conversion Rates

An Introduction to LYP's Back Office Administrative Services

By removing the bottlenecks in your workflow, you’ll see boosts efficiency, patient experience and revenue.

Are you ready to streamline your operations & boost your bottom line?


Discover how LYP Health Management and our Back Office Service experts can improve your patient care, remove administrative burdens, and optimize profitability.

We’re here to help you help your patients.

Learn how LYP Health Management shows your patients how much you care.