Revenue Cycle Management Services

Maximize Revenue Cycle Task Accuracy with a Lean Staffing Model

The healthcare industry has suffered from staffing shortages and burnout for decades; recent years have only inflamed those challenges. When organizations are forced to achieve more with lighter staff, ripple effects are felt in all areas of the practice especially the bottom line.

Focus on Patients, not Payers

How many hours each day does your staff spend managing
reimbursements, resubmitting claims, or completing insurance

A recent report from the MGMA reveals a concerning developing trend. Medical collection rates are declining nationwide, despite the increased amount of time medical office staff are spending on A/R related tasks.

Empower your staff to work at the top of their licensure and capabilities, to improve patient care while our revenue cycle team manages your collections tasks.

Our revenue cycle management services allow your staff to spend their valuable time focusing on providing the best patient experience, rather than wasting hours each day tracking down reimbursements and receivables from insurers.

After all, LYP is short for “Love Your Patient”, and it’s our job to make sure it shows!

Improve Financial Health

Reduce the staff burnout and costs of labor-intensive administrative tasks required to manage your revenue cycle.

Outsource part or all your revenue cycle processes to LYP to optimize reimbursements and revenue of your practice, health system, or hospital. We help improve your organization’s financial health and cash flow by streamlining the revenue cycle, receivables, and collection process, keeping your practice’s financials as current and as solvent as possible.


of medical practices will outsource or automate
Revenue Cycle in next six months.

Focus on improving the patient
experience and quality of care
– not tracking collections

Our comprehensive revenue cycle management service automates and facilitates efficient onboarding of new patients, including registration and insurance verification. We also assist with submitting claims and any correspondence or follow-up with payers, patients, or insurers.

Additionally, we can help you reduce rejected claims and denials with our Accounts Receivable and Denial Management services.

LYP’s Revenue Cycle Management Team takes on these tasks to remove the administrative burden on your in-house staff and optimize practice


LYP offers a variety of revenue cycle management services – choose which one(s) you need most, or we can manage all these tasks for you:

  • Patient Registration
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Eligibility & Benefit Verification
  • Virtual Medical Scribing
  • Outstanding AR
  • Denial Management
  • Batch & Real-Time Coding
  • Charge Entry
  • Claims Submission
  • Payment Posting
  • Credit Balances
  • Customer Care Center (inbound calls)
  • Assist with POS Collections

Revenue Cycle Management Services

No Need to Hire or Train More Staff

Industry-wide, persistent staff shortages and turnover in the healthcare workforce provide numerous challenges impacting the efficiency of your revenue cycle management, often delaying collections or decreasing insurance reimbursements coming into the practice.


LYP’s revenue cycle management service frees up your in-house staff’s time from resubmitting claims or chasing reimbursements. Skip the labor-intensive, costly process of hiring and training new employees and juggling staff turnover. Supplement your existing office staff and alleviate their workload by outsourcing your revenue cycle management functions to LYP.

Benefits of Revenue Cycle Services

Decrease front-desk related errors; 41% of all denials are front-end related (Change Denials Index, 2022)

Our CPC coders are AAPC certified; certification increases compliance with federal payer laws

A la carte service offerings mean you only pay for the tasks you need help completing

Our Highly educated team remains up to date on the latest RCM changes and updates

Flat, hourly fees allow you to forecast your RCM costs

Increase focus on quality patient care and experience

Outsourcing RCM Services is the Key to Improving Efficiency and Profitability

Are you ready to improve your revenue cycle and collections without hiring more staff?

Discover the customized revenue cycle management solution that best fits your organization’s needs – Let’s talk today.

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