Win Over More Patients with an Integrated Medical Call Center

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It’s no secret; people want to feel taken care of, especially in healthcare. To win over more patients, you must provide a high level of service on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, as practices grow, the level of quality often goes down because there’s not enough time, staffing, or resources to meet the demand. Fortunately, there’s a solution available.

The scalability you can achieve with an integrated medical call center allows staff to better serve multiple providers or specialty areas. LYP Health Management uses proprietary software to establish a guided workflow, which follows a practice’s specific protocols and ensures they are followed no matter who answers the phone. It’s a comprehensive way to cross-skill associates without a lot of training. It instills trust without taking more time away from your internal team. And, it wins over patients who want a human connection to make sure their healthcare needs are met.

Book More Than One Service at a Time

It’s easier to win over patients when added convenience and care are attached to every call. Highly trained medical call center associates know to cross check a patient’s records for any outstanding orders or appointment reminders. This creates a more efficient and personalized experience, plus it gives the patient assurance that their whole health is being taken care of by the practice.

At the same time, it also frees up time for providers so they can maximize their time and effort in other ways. When active listening and empathy are combined with seamless workflows and intuitive technology, it provides the type of experience patients want.

Be Proactive About Fulfilling Healthcare Needs

Another way to win over patients is by being proactive. Patient scheduling services don’t have to be limited to an inbound model alone. This is made easier when contact centers use state-of-the-art technology, like PatientSync.

PatientSync is a call center software and communication platform that detects when there’s idle time in the office and presents proactive opportunities to fulfill patient needs. For example, the system can be programmed to automatically cue up missed appointments and dynamically enter the patient’s record and custom scripting into the workflow for associates to call back and rebook.

Without PatientSync, a contact center can also offer outbound call campaigns if your practice has a list of patients it would like to contact for annual checkups our outstanding screening orders.

Regardless of the ebb and flow of your call volume, there are various avenues to ensure every minute of every resource is being used to help your practice generate revenue and delight patients. You can get as much productivity from your call center as you do from your internal staff by programming these kinds of tasks and unifying the two.

Making life easier in this way delivers an inherent value that goes beyond a patient’s initial request. Whether that means less time spent on the phone or greater access to healthcare benefits, an integrated solution creates a stronger patient-provider relationship.

Get creative when considering how to make a medical call center work for you. By creating an integrated model, you can win over more patients by securing their confidence in your practice’s capabilities.

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