Expand Patient Scheduling Services & Free Up Your Staff

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Time is the one thing we always need more of, yet always struggle to get. How much better could you show up for patients and be present in your everyday role, if only there was more time?

Of course, you can’t put more hours into a day, but you can add resources to deliver the high quality of service you want to provide. It starts by allowing your internal staff to take care of the patients standing in front of them, in the office, without being bogged down by a constantly ringing telephone.

This is achieved by expanding your patient scheduling services. Adding an extension to your workflow in this way frees up your staff so they can better prioritize and handle in-office responsibilities. It ensures every call is answered, quiets the noise of the front desk, and limits distractions. Therefore, everyone is given the time and attention they need to feel well taken care of.

Implementing a Seamless Workflow to Uphold Excellent Customer Service

Working with a dedicated medical call center also means calls are answered faster and there’s opportunity to speak with patients longer. Rather than feeling rushed off the phone or receiving a purely transactional experience, every caller can feel like their specific needs are being heard and met, without being put on long hold times, sent to voicemail, or worse, not answered at all.

Additionally, your staff no longer has to perform the time-consuming balancing act of managing resources. LYP ensures service levels are met through professional development, hiring, recruitment, and training that secures the best possible people to represent your practice. Trained call associates can deliver exactly what your patients have come to expect from your office and allow you to uphold a reputation of excellent customer service.

Essentially, expanding patient scheduling services lifts the burden of solely relying on your front desk team to effectively manage both in-office needs and on-the-phone inquiries.

Customizing Services for When You Need LYP the Most

You can also customize patient scheduling services to what you need, when you need them. With on-demand services, incoming calls can be programmed to automatically roll over to your medical call center when it shows more than one person is on hold.

There’s also a hybrid option to select days you’ll need support the most. For example, if Mondays are notoriously busy in the office, customizing the support to fill in on that day can help you maintain a manageable workflow without implementing a fully outsourced model.

Furthermore, there are specialized services available for campaigns, such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You can provide a contact list to LYP associates to call and remind patients to book appointments for their mammogram. However, regardless of your situation or specific need, patient scheduling services make the workflow more seamless and puts your patients front and center. The manner in which this is done is up to you.

The Value of a Caring Voice on the Other End of the Line

Despite the popularity of online interactions, healthcare is personal, which means patients are never going to stop calling. People want to speak with someone on the other end of the line, an empathetic, active listener who can find immediate solutions for what’s needed.

There are details and context that can only be communicated on a human-to-human level, which simply can’t be summarized through an online form. Creating an extension of your front office staff through patient scheduling services frees up the time your staff needs to address the matters and people at hand, while giving them confidence that the calls they’re not taking are being handled with the care and attention they deserve.

Give your staff back the time they need to take care of patients and priorities in the office. We’ll help you customize a solution that provides the patient scheduling services necessary to help them succeed. Contact us today.

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