LYP Health Management

Exceptional Healthcare Services for Providers and Health Systems that Elevate Patient Care.

Improve patient experience, workload burdens and revenue with LYP’s healthcare exclusive services. From contact center services to back office and revenue cycle tasks, we compassionately serve your patients as an invisible extension of your team. LYP’s concierge-style services make partnering a seamless experience that will have your patients raving, your staff happy and your bottom line healthy. After all, “LYP” is short for “love your patient.” It’s our goal to help you show how much you care.


Quality Patient Care Doesn’t Keep Office Hours

The modern patient expects access, 24/7/365. This “consumer” mindset has grown in the last few years.


No Call Goes Unanswered

Our caring and knowledgeable Patient Care Associates are ready to serve your patients, day or night, weekday or weekend.


Time-Intensive Tasks Divert Specialty Resources

Tasks like re-scheduling and appointment reminders, post-procedure follow-ups, pre-authorizations, referrals and more occupy hours of your staff’s valuable time.


Free Up Your Clinical Staff

Enable your in-house staff to focus on clinical work, not paperwork. Our experienced teams of associates handle patient logistics and communication, so your staff can stay focused on their core work.


Staffing Limitations

Challenging job market, specialized associate skill sets, inconsistent call volumes, high turnover, and intensive onboarding prevent the ability to meet staffing needs consistently and accurately.


A 24/7/365, Scalable Solution

LYP Health Management provides the extra capacity you need with reliable, flexible services that support any or all your inbound and outbound patient communications- all while documenting each patient’s record in your EMR.


Value-Based Care Communications

Population health campaigns are vital for patient health, decreasing patient leakage and practice health; but it can double the workload for your front office staff.


Help Patients and Your Practice Get What They Need

Our Patient Access team will manage your population health campaigns, keeping patients happier and healthier, staff workloads manageable and the organization’s financial outlook strong.

Why LYP Health Management?

LYP Health Management provides dynamic solutions that elevate the patient experience.

You want your patients to receive the best possible care and your patients have come to expect it. Patient experience is more important than ever before with advancements in telehealth, technology, and increased options in care. Integrating LYP’s services into your patient experience will help your organization reach higher levels of patient attention and satisfaction.

A better experience begins with caring, attentive communication.

Patients are evaluating their experience with your organization from the moment they first make contact. Delight them with the hyper-personalized, concierge-style service they want.

Specializing exclusively in the healthcare service industry, our patient care associates have the patience, compassion, and experience to deliver excellent service for every type of interaction- including referring physicians and patients with chronic conditions or medical record requests. Whether we support inbound/outbound patient communications, back office or revenue cycle services, your patients will always feel like they are communicating directly with your office.

LYP Health Management’s solutions enable your organization to overcome administrative hurdles that have been holding you back.

Instantly improve patient experience

We are more than an answering service. Secure access to your EMR means we help serve your patients in the same way your front office staff does. Our HIPAA-compliant and URAC certified contact center associates focus on resolving patients’ needs in a single call.

Uphold high standards for security and compliance

When it comes to security and compliance, we’re in the 99th percentile compared to our peers. Our associates are fully trained in HIPAA requirements and confidential, secure handling of PHI. All LYP Health Management personnel complete ongoing training and certification.

Conquer staffing challenges

Our solutions and innovations team use our proven algorithms to help calculate the right staffing levels and call thresholds to meet the goals of your organization. We are trained in nearly every EMR available on the market.

Dependable and committed

Our experienced patient care associates love what they do, after all, we are made to serve. Expanding your teams with our associates enables your organization to scale quickly without compromising quality or experiencing any downtime.

Let your patients know you care

All our services revolve around providing better experiences for your patients, providers, VIPs, and everyone else who contacts your organization. Conversational, personalized attention lets callers know they matter.

Stop struggling with technology

Don’t allow your communication software to get in the way of a great patient experience. If your organization has outgrown your current platform or your existing system isn’t living up to your expectations, our healthcare-focused business process experts will offer solutions and guidance to help you select a more effective solution.

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